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Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Curious Deception

Just a quick post about something that has been bugging me lately. It is the human resource "skill" of briefly removing a job posting then re-posting to hide the length at which a job has been lingering. In Seattle they post biotech jobs on the WBBA website. This job was vacated in June of 2011, 8 months ago. It was removed last week and has now resurfaced. I had been meaning to catch the latest remove/re-post moment.

I understand that human resource department do not want to advertise their inability to fill positions at their firm. I have a low opinion of HR. That is my bias. What is their bias that leads to the little white lie here?

Filling positions, especially in science, is not a skill HR possess. What do they do then? Most paperwork functions are outsourced. Is this a part of their job, to project an image?


Ginsberg said...

Job title: Head of Bioanalytical
Job location: Bothell, WA 98011 United States
Requisition code: R11-07
Date posted: 03/11/12

Ginsberg said...

Reposted 4-11-2012

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