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Monday, March 03, 2008

Sirna Sold For 1.1 Billion!!!

As I mentioned in the last post, a company called PhaseRx boasted that they are an RNAi company. What's the big deal about that you ask? SIRNA SOLD FOR 1.1 BILLION DOLLARS! So let's give PhaseRx some money!

Do you think that is a silly thing to say? How can a bunch of grown men with PHDs and MDs get together and hoodwink investors so easily? Does PhaseRx not have to present the scientific merits of their RNAi company?

In more recent news, the notorious Dr. Quay of Nastech Pharmaceuticals discussed the ruins of his biotech company today. In an attempt to ease the suffering of his investors he spoke glowingly about his spin-off 'MDRNA' a new RNAi company. There wasn't much information about the last five years of RNAi research under the old banner of Nastech. But he did mention this interesting fact:

Who will be the first to go? MDRNA or PhaseRx? Will Merck keep spending money on SIRNA projects? The CCS will be on the lookout. Our eyes cast to the skies, we look for the kind of cargo that only billions of dollars can summon.