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Monday, February 13, 2012

Anil Potti

When a professional baseball player gets caught gambling on baseball, he is out of the game. Pete Rose agreed to permanent ineligibility from baseball amidst accusations that he gambled on baseball games while playing for and managing the Reds. He denies ever betting on his own team. The Baseball Hall of Fame formally voted to ban those on the "permanently ineligible" list from induction in 1989. Before 1989 excluding players on the list was done by informal agreement among voters.

Anil Potti was caught cheating in science. Anil Potti still has a job in his chosen field. According to the Coastal Cancer Center website:
In addition to patient care, Dr. Potti is passionate about teaching and research. Over the past ten years including his time at Duke University, he has received several recognitions for mentoring, teaching and research efforts,

True, he received a lot of attention for his research efforts. Still does.

Professional sports takes cheating seriously. Breaking the rules of gambling is not allowed. Getting caught, as Pete Rose was caught, leads to a lifetime ban on playing and/or coaching. Pete Rose should be in the hall of fame. But the leadership of the sport takes cheating seriously.

Science and medicine?

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