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Monday, October 06, 2008

Cargo Cult Scientist Gets Snubbed

The Nobel Prize committee for medicine has failed to honor Dr. Robert Gallo for his contributions to the HIV/AIDS hypothesis. While it's true that he appropriated the HIV virus from Luc Montagnier, he did convince the masses that this was the cause of HIV. A true Cargo Cult Scientist does not succeed by solving tough questions. He succeeds by convincing people that he knows how to make the airplanes come from the sky. The better the Cargo Cult Scientist the longer he can keep the masses looking up and waiting. The message from Stockholm today seems to say that it was not Dr. Gallo who started us all looking up.

Now would be a good time for the national media to explain why Dr. Gallo was snubbed. He was snubbed because he is a dishonest person. Many people know this yet he continues to work in science. Dr. Prusiner, the 1997 winner of the prize put it this way:

There are many prizes for the many promises.

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