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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Have a Plan

Lately I've been thinking about the way in which ideas become accepted. The Cargo Cult natives saw the cargo emerging from the big metal birds and a desired outcome was born. Now all they needed was a plan. They watched the Allied forces carefully and began piecing together their plan. The desired outcome however was the most important piece of the plan. The ideas of how to acheive the outcome took a back seat while the leaders dreamed of the cargo.
We recently experienced the Republican and Democratic national conventions. The mission was to convince the majority of America that one party will provide a better future than the other. The melt down of wall street however is an excellent example of our political and corporate leaders ability to predict and shape the future. Our government is going to put up 700 billion dollars (this week!) to "fix" the problem.

But what about 2 weeks ago? Was anyone preparing for the bailout? What was being done 2 months ago? When did this government bailout start to take shape? We now have our desired outcome. We want the economy to be strong. That is our cargo. What is our plan? Bail out the banks so they can go back to making loans.

How did the ideas that went into the bail out plan gain acceptance?
The 700 billion dollar bailout does not guarentee success. It is a plan however. For the politicians, a plan is all that is needed. Even if the plans spells the end to the great American era. It doesn't occur to the Cargo Cults that there plan is not working. Simply carrying out any plan gives off the impression that work is being done.
Only a proper scientific method will bring about a proper change. Compare the actual outcome to the desired outcome. The ideas that were accepted may have lead you astray.

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