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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Back to RNAi

We recently put the flame of Nastech out. Tight junction technology didn't work!!! Nastech lit the side of our runway for many years. Then one day it ended. The name was changed, the CEO was replaced and the stock became a steal at 15 cents a share. The name of the company was changed to MDRNA, as in RNAi. The new CEO was in fact the old CEO of SIRNA, as in siRNA. The latest addition to the MDRNA staff is the old CSO of SIRNA. SIRNA was sold for 1.1 billion dollars to Merck. Can lightening strike twice?

The first question is, what has Merck done with their aquisition of SIRNA? Any regrets? 1.1 billion is a lot of money. One might hope to make that kind of money from an approved product. Merck did not buy an approved product. The second question is, what does MDRNAs new brain trust plan to do with the 12 million bucks left behind by Nastech? The SIRNA patents are in the hands of Merck leaving only the brain power behind SIRNA and the power of RNAi.

The brains behind this new flame along our runway have a major obstacle. Can they stay in business long enough to get a drug approved? The villagers must be very enthusiastic, but will they hand over their money? If not this latest RNAi project will not get off the ground. If they get funds they will be free to conduct the science. We are watching.

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