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Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Perfect Job

She asked me, "What would be the perfect job for you?" I resorted to my canned answer. I want to work on a drug project that one day makes it to the market and helps people. You throw in some other crap about working for a great team and a great company. You're laid back but not to a fault. Ultimately you want to succeed.

What I really want to do is start a journal. Instead of the usual assortment of unrelated articles I specialize in measuring the measurements. My team of skeptical researchers, who have an admitted bias against the upper echelons of science, devour the journals as they come out. They seek out trends in research tools and they come up with a topic for each new issue of our journal. We begin by trying to reproduce certain experiments. We ultimately make conclusions on the method or methods that are being applied. How hard is the science on a scale of 1 to 100? What pieces of information would be useful to know? Who is using the best equipment and who is taking a short cut? Oh it would be so much fun.

I guess my perfect job would be a thorn in the side of mainstream medical science. At the end of my career there will be a whole new science. The science of method. The study of method. If a scientist does on experiment 3 times and averages the results we'll break down the averages. We'll apply statistics, biology, chemistry, physics and the whole kitchen sink. If you think we are setting ourselves up as the judge and jury of other people without the proper authority you are wrong. The authority is reality. Your credentials won't help you here. You're affiliations will not trump honesty like Imanish Karis did. It's Gonzo science and anything goes.

That is my dream. To start the science of method. The science of negativity will be a subset. A new paradigm is needed for alternative voices to be heard. Modern scientist have made some rather egregious offenses against the good name of science and they need a parody journal to take on their work. I want the job!

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