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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More Pfizer NewsD

Pfizer losing 13% of its market value on Monday indicates what investors think about the future of this drug company. Pfizer is the largest U.S. drug company yet one little pill has put that in jeapardy. And the pill could never compete with a proper diet and exercise. But Pfizer never cared for a fair fight.

Yesterday we find out that Dr. Trey Sunderland was accused of performing consulting work for the pharmaceutical giant that improperly overlapped with his government duties. Dr. Sunderland faces a maximum of one year in prison and a $100,000 fine. Pfizer is of course a non-human entity completely expected to take any advantage it can get. They face no charges for their complicity.

It just goes to show that the largest drug company in the U.S. cannot win even with huge profit lame duck drugs and NIH scientists in the pockets. All of the ghost writing, doctor buying, cheerleader sales staff, and community killing take over of smaller companies do not guarentee a giant like Pfizer the kinds of profits they are tasked to make. Each quarterly statement must show increasing profits yet Pfizer is facing a future of the exact opposite. Investments will go down. Executives will scramble to avoid accountability. As for the rest of us? I would suggest eating more fruits, vegatables, fish and whole grains. At least once a day go for a walk or a jog. We'll be fine.

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