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Friday, December 29, 2006


The presidents plan to add more troops in spite of his generals advice is indicative of cargo cult leadership. The concept is that by sending more troops we are fighting harder to achieve victory. The decision was made after extensive meetings. More meetings means better decision making. Get the concept here. More is always better.

A similar form of flawed thinking takes place among pharmaceutical industry scientists. If we can make a molecule bind tighter to its target we say we have a better drug. How tight? They don't know, but they know it needs to be as tight as they can get it.

To me, true science and art are the same. Knowing just how much color to add, how long to hold a note, or how much sky to include in a landscape is part of it. When starting a war you should know what your objectives are so you'll know when you are done. President Bush is not a practicioner of true art and science. He is a cargo cult scientist! He started a war and made a list of 50 bad guys in Iraq that needed to die. Number one on the list will die this weekend. But that airplane carrying peace in the middle east isn't coming. Do we need to kill more leaders? More fighters? Maybe less killing would help.

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