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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Jenna Teaches Us A Lesson

There is something about this girl. She plays a shy receptionist from Scranton Ohio on the TV show "The Office." They put her in dork form, much like a Cargo Cult will put the tribe into airport form. But you can see right through the disguise. This is a pretty girl who can really turn it on if she wants to.

Now check out the girl dressed up to hit the town in LA. Nice!

I knew it. Totally hot. How many women can do this? The Cargo Cult Scientist sees them everyday. They do not know that they are beautiful because it's not inside them. Someone has made them feel less than attractive.

In order for the lovely Jenna to play her character she has to go in the opposite direction. She must pretend that she is working at a nowhere job and going home to her cat and their empty apartment in Ohio. She has to get into the character who does not feel comfortable in clothes that show off her curves. Somehow she plays the part well.

How does this pertain to the Cargo Cult Scientist blog? It's about appearances. We must all go out into the world and act the part that others have taught us to play. Universities mold us into the actors that we are in our professional lives. Family and friends mold us by encouraging certain types of behavior and discouraging others. But we all have something inside us that is unique. How can we tap into that and break away from playing the part we have been assigned?

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