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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cantwell and McGavick

The Cargo Cult of our government is something I avoid. My stance on government is that they quite often fail to inform their public that they have little power over certain things. The best they can do for education for example is to fund it sufficiently. The little rules they insert into their bills create paperwork the takes up the time that should be spent teaching. They create bureaucracies that eat up the money that is allocated. In short, I beleive that any decrease in a Cargo Cults activity is best.

So tonight we had our senate debate. Cantwell and McGavick are the two main party candidates. McGavick, the Republican, made the comment that we should somehow test welfare recipients for drugs and alcohol use. The non-Dem/Rep candidate who had to shell out 1.2 million bucks to be there, made a comment related to McGavicks. We should test members of the house and senate for drugs and alcohol. Ha!

Do we not test these guys? They are steering our country into the future. Are they doing so under the influence? Why worry about the lower levels. They are definitely going to have a high percentage of their population using. What about the guys who are making the big decisions? If the use of drugs and alcohol is detrimental, then they should be tested. I don't want these politicians out there having the freedoms that they rule out for us.

If a Cargo Cult is one that sets up an airport that has no idea how airplanes work or where they come from, then our government qualifies as a Cargo Cult. The highest ranking officials do not know how to build a bridge. They do not know when they are capable of real change or just plain chatter. They talk and they talk. When the day is over they meet with their lobbyists for fine dinners and who knows what. Are they home reading the bills they are there to vote on? Probably not. If we could just pass a law that prohibition is back in effect, only in the House and Senate, then we could assure good sober government. Next we go after the money. There is no drug in Washington greater than money. Nevermind the big debate where you have to convince people that you will fight against abortion or immigration. We must pass laws that prevent our elected officials from making bad decisions. If we think it's a good idea for welfare mothers we sure as hell should apply the same logic to senators and congressmen.

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