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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Head of Oncology, Craigslist 10-11-06

Where do you go when you want the best? That's right, craigslist.

The relavence of the picture is this. You have money to fight cancer. All you need to do is put the right people in the right place. Think of the blue truck as the head of research. You've been told to get someone in that job. Think of the garage as the job... you get the picture?

This is the first paragraph of an ad placed on craigslist today.

Head of Research Oncology

Creates, implements, and leads research strategies for target identification and validation and therapeutic candidate identification in oncology. Works closely with Development to define and implement a global strategy for oncology pipeline development and growth of the oncology research department.

They're look'n for a PhD or MD/PhD ' 10 years min industry experience in Oncology drug discovery.

There is no cure for cancer yet. But don't worry, we're putting the right people in the right places. Don't give up those cigarettes and that lazy lifestyle just yet. Help is on the way. (see photo). Ha ha ha...

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