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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Mercks Big Bet Revisited

Long ago I just knew that Mercks acquisition of Rosetta (bioinformatics) and SIRNA (RNA silencing) was a match made in the imaginary heaven that exists in the hollowed heads of BigPharma/Biotech executives.

See Mercks Big Bet, 2006.

Since then I've updated the blog to point out the closing down of Rosetta. Merck has been pretty tight lipped about the progress they've made in the four years since so I've nothing new to report.

There remains Marina Biotech, Tekmira, and Avi Biopharma in our Seattle Cargo Cult Airport.

We are still following the RNAi story and there still is a story. That is astonishing to me, the CCS. Somewhere out there, grown up men and women are still convinced that RNAi is going to become a drug. Why do they think that?

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