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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Airport Authority Discussion

It's gonna turn this whole thing around.

Of course our airport is in trouble. The investors gave generously, the cargo cult workers did what they thought would bring the metal birds, nothing happened, big pharma gave up hope, investors got tired of losing money, workers were laid off, and now it's October of 2010.

But it was not a lost decade. When you practice a biotech kind of science you can expect 99% failure with a lucky win from time to time.

What if there was a forum with the losers? What about the workers who knew about the mistakes that were made? What if there was a poster session of the most comical scientific logic displayed by local biotech leaders? To put it all in proper perspective there should be a counter forum to "Biotechs Back in Seattle".

Someone should put together the stats of jobs lost and jobs gained in the past year. How much money was poured into the existing companies and how many jobs did it create. What kinds of jobs are now in demand? What is biotech and how is it back?

The panel are people who need to attract money to the area. Should we trust what they are saying?

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