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Monday, July 19, 2010

At the End of the Day

I've been interested in the financial meltdown lately and how it is related to CCS. I recently watched a DVD with the Economic Hitman, John Perkins. As I've mentioned, I work in biotech for the money. The money is the sole reason for waking up and going to work each day. In better times perhaps I would try harder to find meaningful work. As it stands, I'm a son-of-bitch. John used to be the same way. Only he made a lot more money.

In the DVD, Mr. Perkins mentioned that the people who worked in the "Economic Hitman" field were not necessarily bad people. In fact, they may have been very honest people who believe they are working in the best interest of others. Yet Mr. Perkins, who worked in the same field, now feels the need to carry on a crusade to educate the world about the ways in which the rich are getting richer. He's different. He feels what was done was dishonest and those who work in high places should know better.

Cargo Cults are run by people who have always desired to be the boss. These people have always existed and they always will. Some are preachers in local churches. Some are CEOs and politicians. They love the power but feel most insecure when it is time for the planes to come. Religious leaders have it the easiest. The planes don't come in our lifetime. The afterlife is the promise. CEOs on the other hand have a problem. If shareholders start losing money then the CEO musts go. Politicians must pray the CEOs and religious leaders are pacifying the people during times of strife.

The scientist however thinks thoughts in a world aside from CCS leadership. He knows the ways to make the planes land, whether or not he/she has access to what is needed. CCS leaders have the power to keep themselves and their friends employed at the top for as long as they can stand it. Just look at the US Treasury and the Wall Street relationship. In spite of their failure, they have survived and they got even richer in the process. But John Perkins knows a thing or two about them and how they do it. John doesn't have the power unfortunately. He has his thoughts and he sees the damage before it is done. When the damage IS done, and a handful of people prosper as a result, he is not surprised.

So at the end of the day, when I head home from a day of Biotech non-science, I hang my head and hope for the day when I can work away from CCS. Is there a place in the world for people like John Perkins who leave lucrative positions and try to point out negative things to a tribe of people who only want to hear stories about the cargo. The world needs people who send out warnings that repeatedly come true. Not everyone wants to be rich. Some have a deeper purpose.

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