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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Are We Different?

Over the course of a few years I've come to a conclusion about biotech people. They are no more scientific nor any less religious than any other group of people. Most believe in the christian diety. Most have never heard of Richard Feynman. The story of N-Rays seems pointless.

Long ago people began to look at the world and wonder if they could discover things that no one had yet explained. By taking measurements for example, they soon learned that water boiled at the same temperature (more or less). When they were convinced that they had a fact they told others and challenged them to prove them wrong. A certain kind of person would find the study to be... interesting. Another kind of person would be confused as to why the would-be scientist had bothered to pursue their research.

In a group of 100 Americans, how many would be in the latter sub-group?

In the Cargo Cults, everything is known. The rituals are well established. The only thing to do is wait for the Gods to deliver the goods.

So in our biotechnology laboratory we can make proteins and cell lines and send them forth into the blood streams of animals to establish the simple fact, that our drug is the real deal. Our drug is going to be that airplane in the sky. We see it clearly.

In a group of 100 Americans, how many would see it clearly? Let's say that those 100 people work at the biotech company who made the drug. Do we all believe?

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