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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Navy Photo

I took this picture when I was in the Navy. The boss sent me out on a Saturday. A submarine was toting a mini sub around. That's all I knew then and all I know now. I'm not into submarines. I was into photography back then.

A lot of my photos were saved but I can't find them in the DOD files. The point of this post is that we all go out do work each day. How much lasts? This is all I can find on the internet of my five years as a Navy photographer. Mostly I took pictures of re-enlistment and retirement ceremonies.

I can remember eating that dry yellow cake with lard and powdered sugar frosting at the ceremonies. I can even recall a couple of speeches that the retiring Navy guys made. The most memorable one was from a man who grabbed the American flag they gave him and held it high above his head. "This is what it was all about," he said with tears in his eyes. About a month later I was taking pictures of all the stuff had stolen while in the Navy. His whole apartment was purchased by the American people.

That's it. Just a Navy picture and a Navy story.

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