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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tamiflu You

We know that Cargo Cults do not actually succeed at obtaining cargo from airplanes that they summon to land upon the runways. Likewise the leaders of pharma cargo cults know that they won't make it rich curing or even effectively treating disease. Not that they wouldn't want to have effective drugs. It is actaully very difficult to put together a group of humans and ask them to participate in a group think experiment in which the outcome would be to cure some disease. Endpoints become the goal. Convincing the FDA to approve a drug by paving your own path then taking the FDA on a walk down the path is a skill. A little insider help can't hurt.

The real issue we have always had with Tamiflu is the basic concept that such a vaccine would be worth so much. Annual flu vaccines are merely random guesses that make people lots of money. All you need is a group of leaders to give their stamp of approval on the vaccine. Why Tamiflu?

The latest in this saga is an example of how the leaders operate and to whom they must answer. No one!
Last year, Tamiflu was included in a list of 'essential medicines' by the World Health Organization, a list that often prompts governments or donor agencies to buy the drug.
Our leaders have the clout to get governments to buy drugs but they lack to ability to get evidence that they work. In a democracy such as ours we don't get to vote on things like this.

Some might think this is switching gears too fast but stay with me. RNAi has long been my own personal Tamiflu. It doesn't work. It's useless. The latest bit of evidence here demonstrates that large profits can be made by useless things. And it all takes place on the Cargo Cults of biotech/pharma.

Our Cargo Cult leaders create huge promises and ask for huge profits. When they lose they go easy on us and only ask for less millions. They stop selling us the crap and keep the profits they already made. The cargo never comes.


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