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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Provenge Trials

The comment left yesterday directed me to this website created by Marie Huber about the Provenge Trials. A one woman crusade against a Cargo Cult is too good to be true. She has alliances with prominent scientists, a website, evidence, and she is clearly passionate about this company and what they did to get their product on the market. Will we see her on 60 Minutes one day? It is modern day "Emperors New Clothes" story. Have we all played along because we have to believe the FDA and the multi-billion dollar biotech?

I will let her tell her story so please go to her website and read all about Provenge and Dendreon.



Anonymous said...

It seems that she has a lot of scientific and oncological back-up in waging this war that will inevitabely help patients, maintain science integrity, and avoid wasting taxpayers' money on something detrimental to patients. To uphold social justice, we need more like her.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Dendreon investigators (and the FDA) had applied a little more scientific method and rigor, we wouldn't be in this mess......

"The exceptions to any rule are most interesting in themselves, for they show us that the old rule is wrong. And it is most exciting, then, to find out what the right rule, if any, is. The exception is studied, along with other conditions that produce similar effects. The scientist tries to find more exceptions and to determine the characteristics of the exceptions, a process that is continually exciting as it develops. He does not try to avoid showing that the rules are wrong; there is progress and excitement in the exact opposite. He tries to prove himself wrong as quickly as possible."

Richard P. Feynman