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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another Dendreon Exec Departs

What is going on at Dendreon? Last year Dendreon lost a high ranking executive with no explanation. Varun Nanda, the Senior Vice President of Global Commercial Operations was said to be an arrogant egotistical a-hole but when did that ever work against an exec? Now they are losing the Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of the company, David Urdal.

Anyone who has talked to me for more than two minutes knows that I have become bewitched, bewildered and bedazzled with the arrival of our first grandchild last April. The same month that the FDA brought us into a new era of cancer treatment with the approval of Provenge, my daughter brought the Urdal family into the next generation with the birth of my granddaughter – Ava. I look forward to seeing the world through her eyes and the eyes of the grandson we expect to see in June.”

“I am now in my sixteenth year with Dendreon and what an extraordinary journey it has been – the first autologous cellular immunotherapy approved by the FDA! What an achievement and what a pleasure it is to be a member of such a truly extraordinary team – the Dendreon team – as we won the high achievement of Provenge approval. We are just getting started.

Why would a high ranking member of Dendreon leave when they are just getting started? Because he wants to hang out with his grandkids? Do these types of people even take off work to watch their own kids grow up?

Something is wrong at Dendreon. They have a drug that has marginal efficacy. A lot of work has to go into bullshitting your way through life. Maybe he has grown tired of it and wants to take a rest.

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