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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Location Location Location

Bio Nebraska: Inspire, Invent, Innovate... inNebraska

This is not a criticism, like the usual post. I like the idea of people in a place like Nebraska thinking about science and technology. Most people think they are all farmers. The CCS thinks that farmers are quite often smarter and much more honest than the average PHd. They have a lifestyle that allows for this. The PHd has pressure to publish and has way too much competition to maintain employment. The farmer wakes up each day and does what he has always done. It's a sustainable lifestyle versus publish or perish.

Why do biotechnology companies have to reside in San Diego, Boston or North Carolina? Inspiration and innovation occurs in the mind. You have in the United States a plethora of resources from educational institutions to wealthy locals to invest in ideas in all 50 states.

The creative mind of the corporate world however is such that success occurs only specific geographical locations. Yet Warren Buffet set up shop in Omaha, not Wall Street. What if he had chosen Wall Street? Berkshire Hathaway makes money by investing in organizations that make money, regardless of their location. Why is Biotech different? Why does the CEO of Dendreon worry that he won't be able to attract top talent if the location of Washington state scares them away due to its tax structure? Is the talent he seeks that superficial?

Where do ideas come from? How do you apply them to real world needs? The Cargo Cult Airports that I speak of are in the minds of individuals. They believe their degrees and those of their colleagues lead the way to innovation. The Cargo Cult Airports are people in boardrooms talking about what is needed but not specifically how to get it. They know where, who, why, when but not how.

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