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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life Coaches for the Life Sciences

Why do we have a life coach at our biotech company? Our "scientists" do need guidance in the ways of managing other human beings. That can be an important aspect of the service. But managers are hired to manage. Why not hire a "science coach"? The managers are also hired to do science.

The coach shows up in a 1992 Honda Accord. His 6'4" frame towers over the little car as he emerges desperately dialing someone, anyone, to make sure he looks busy on his way to our door. He could be here to visit our clinical trial leadership. He could be here to visit the HR person to recommend a new book for the in house leadership book club. Or perhaps the director of R&D... CEO? All people he has consulted with.

Does he have another job? Night shift at Target? Does he have an office? Does he know what DNA is or an antibody? No matter. He has his skills. We're dying to know what they are. But that is not information that is shared with most. It is another secret. Because we have secrets. The coach is one. What could he be teaching a science based company?

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