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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Goodbye Seattle PI

While we expect the loss of Biotech companies we do not enjoy seeing honest people lose their livelihood. We do get pleasure when people like James Bianco and Steve Quay are acknowledged as Cargo Cult leaders. They love money and they love power. Science is a bunch of words to them. The words can be used to extract money from investors. That money is used to create companies that create powerful positions.

Another group of people who live by their words are the fine journalists at the Seattle PI. They make less than 100K per year. They put out a product everyday. When they make a mistake they have to retract what they said. They also serve as a watchdog against government and corporate America. Sadly they are going to be silenced.

In terms of the Cargo Cult world, the newspapers report on the airport. Not just the promises, but the reality of what is happening out there on the runways. They look up to the skies 24 hours a day. Each day they report, " no airplanes have been spotted". Seattle will have only one newspaper. A day will come when a major US city will have no local newspaper. That will be the day when local government becomes as free as a biotech company to report it's own news.

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