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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Year Gone By

I'll let the Seattle Times lay it all out for you. They are so much nicer than me.

I've been silent for so long waiting for one big write-up and here the Seattle Times has done it for me. But I will make a few comments regarding the future of Seattle Biotech. The Accelerator companies will soon be facing tougher customers now that they have obtained multi-million dollar payoffs. Of course their investors assume they are just taking off. Cargo Culters know that the main goal is to get paid. The secondary goal is to get out before the S hits the fan. 2008 will be a critical time for VLST and Spaltudaq. Homestead may have already disappeared without any official notice. No thoughts on the others.

So I raise a glass and toast the Cargo Cult Airport otherwise known as Seattle Biotechnology. Many a flight was cancelled or delayed this year. But we'll keep looking up. The Cargo Cult Scientist is always on the lookout.

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