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Monday, July 17, 2006

A Place to Think

Is it true that our best thinkers wind up in board rooms, senate floors, or behind college classroom podiums? What about the farmer who sees his crops growing better after planting in a new formation? Who told him to change the formation? Did he take his own idea from start to finish resulting in the desired outcome? If that same farmer was placed in a different situation could that brain work to solve other kinds of problems?

I am certain that there are people who work in low level jobs who have the kind of mind that can solve complex problems that are not being solved by people who are currently in the highest levels. With the system that we have however, it is difficult for certain types of thinkers to be put in a place where they can do the most good.

Perhaps the current popularity of the blogs is that it's a place where people can rest their thoughts. There are tons of blogs with zero comments. No visitors yet the bloggers continue to post their thoughts. This is a place to think until you find a better place to send your ideas. Just start searching through the blogs. You'll find some good ideas just sitting there.

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