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Monday, May 15, 2006

The Investment in People

Seattle Washington
Pacific Northwest Research Institute
Job Posting:

Assist in basic cancer research: cell culture; purification of proteins, lipids, nd other membrane components; molecular biology work (including RT-PCR, gene cloning); and other biochemical and biological assays. Position requires a B.S., basic lab skills in biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology; and a familiarity with MS Word and Excel.

And what does it pay you ask?

23000 dollars per year!!!

Median price of a house in Seattle?


NIH budget?

28 billion 7 hundred and 40 million dollars

What percentage of the budget will go to that new graduate with the entry level job?


So put on that white lab coat and work til late in the night. You're doing it for nobility. Maybe you'll do it because you know someone who died from cancer and you want to help. Your next hurdle will be getting over a researcher who puts that value on the people wearing the white lab coats in his/her lab.

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